FNaF AR: Special Delivery
FNaF AR: Special Delivery
FNaF AR: Special Delivery
FNaF AR: Special Delivery
FNaF AR: Special Delivery

FNaF AR: Special Delivery

Players: 306

FNAF: Special Delivery AR- is a brand new, exciting part of the real-world survival horror game!
Additional Reality was created specifically for iOS and Android, by Scott Cawthon and Illumix in November 2019.
Now, in your world, you can feel and know what a real nightmare is. Hopefully, you can survive among all this horror, which is closer than you think...

Are you ready, to plunge into the darkness of night reality and experience the full horror of animatronics?

- You've got a package from Fazber Entertainment, a special delivery of retro animatronics. Hurry up and sign for it.
-Wait a minute, I don't think these are the same '80s restaurant animatronics I ordered. Something's wrong...
When you open the box, you won't see an animatronic inside, but there will be a small instruction manual indicating that Anіmstealth, the so-called animatronic invisibility device, is broken.
Turn on the camera on your smartphone. Only through static will you be able to find it. In the manual, it was also stated that due to a factory defect, they can be highly aggressive, so be careful!
It looks like this isn't the only faulty animatronic you've let into your home.
Remember that animatronics are quite close, and they sense your fear. They can not only harm you but also kill you, so I advise you to get your weapons ready for defense sooner rather than later. You will need: flashlight, Freddy's Mask, stun gun, and a little bit later a multitool. Each device will help you to survive among the total chaos that is going on there.
Also, after catching an animatronic, you can disassemble it, and from the parts, create a new, friendly robot-animatronic, which will help you to protect the house from enemies. You can collect leftover parts and costumes that you find from animatronics on your way.

And how many horrible animatronics are you willing to bend to your will in FNaF:Special Delivery?

Don't forget to check the emails from Fazber Fantime Services  in your inbox.
There, they sometimes send important information that can come in handy and sometimes become an important hint.
For example, that Toy Chica will have face recognition built in. Or that you should beware of the shadow, from it you can be attacked by the very dangerous Shadow Bonnie.
You'll also know from the letters when the soul-chilling Freddy Frostbear will be sent to you. Due to a short circuit, he becomes uncontrollable, and subject only to his own instincts.
Also, you'll be sent a defective Toy Freddy. He can cause your device to self-discharge, and you'll lose all defense functions.
If you smell a creepy odor, it's probably from an old model of Springtrap.....
Collect the entire collection of Animatronics and their skins!
It's an incredible experience to delve into the World of Horror and the utter mayhem that goes on in AR FNAF.
Good luck!

Turn on cameras/ sound/ overload broken systems
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